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Jameson Medical has bed rails for every bed and every need.
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Though we all see our beds as places of safety and comfort, they can be the source of unintentional accidents. Thankfully, we carry bed rails to minimize safety hazards.

Bed rails are well-suited to protect sleepers of all ages from nighttime falls and accidents. Those who toss and turn at night may be at risk of rolling out of bed, but our secure bed rails can provide a much-needed safeguard.

Please note: if you’re living in an assisted living facility or nursing home, check with the facility that bed rails are allowed. In some states, they’re prohibited by fire regulations, so don’t forget to ask if you’re unsure.

Sleep Safety

Bed rails are a great solution for anyone who is at risk of falling out of bed during the night. They’re most commonly seen in hospitals, but bed rails can be added to any kind of bed.

We carry a huge variety of bed rails to suit each need, including easily adjustable and foldable rails, traveler rails that fit inside a suitcase, and secure rails for adjustable beds.

Our bed rails are reversible and secure, meaning they can be placed on either side of the bed. We also offer simpler options that require little to no installation and are unobtrusive in any bedroom. Several of our options even come with convenient pouches along the sides to store small items within easy reach!

Getting In and Out

You may think a bed rail is just what you need for getting in and out of bed, but a bed- or floor-mounted trapeze bar or bed cane could actually be more suitable for your use.

Our heavy-duty trapeze bars and no-slip bed canes great for those who need a little help rising each morning. Both are designed for comfort and quick installation without tools, so you can sleep soundly as soon as they arrive. They’re unobtrusive too, meaning a caregiver can easily lend a hand without worrying about anything getting in the way.

Some of our rails, bars and canes also feature grip sections that make getting up easier, too. Whichever you choose, we carry these products to ensure your bed is as it should be – safe and comfortable.

Rails for Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds that can change in height or position require specialized rails. Products for traditional beds run the risk of damaging mattresses as they adjust, so it’s important to select a rail that is suited for your specific bed.

Traditional rails are meant to remain static on the floor or between the mattress and the foundation. Our rails for adjustable beds are specifically designed for secure mounting on moving mattresses. They attach to the bottom of the foundation and move as the bed does.  

Choosing a Bed Rail

If you’re uncertain which kind of rail works best for you and your bed, please contact us! We can help you understand your options and figure out the right solution.

If you have any questions or concerns about bed rails, we are happy to help you with installation or get you the information you need to make the right decision.