Stair Lifts

What Type of Stair Lifts Are You Looking For?

A stair lift, also known as a staircase lift or stairlift, is a mechanically powered device with a seat, often fitted with seatbelt and armrests, that brings people up and down the stairs. It’s a highly effective way for people with mobility difficulties to get up and down the stairs without the risk of slipping or falling. Most people with mobility issues want to remain independent, which is why installing a stair lift is well worth the price for the benefits. It enables people to move around a multi-level home and lessens the burden on family and friends to help them get around.

At Jameson Medical, we know how positively life-changing an investment in a stairlift can be. Our guide will help you understand and sort through the various options for stairlifts so that you can find the best one for you.