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Three Wheel and Four Wheel Mobility Scooters 

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We stock several different styles of mobility scooters available at Jameson Medical, suiting different needs and preferences.
Contact Jameson Medical today to learn more about what type of mobility scooter could be best for your requirements.

Types of Mobility Scooter
  • Travel Scooters
  • Folding travel mobility scooters are specifically designed for travel and are fairly lightweight. Depending on the model, they can come apart in anywhere from four to six pieces, making for easy storage in cars and at home.
  • Standard Size Scooters
  • These are extremely versatile in that the speeds can be adjusted accordingly for both indoor and outdoor use. The rear suspension makes for a comfortable ride with the seat height being adjustable. The controls make it easy for anyone with limited mobility to operate the mobility scooter and can be adjusted as needed. The throttle is accessible for left- and right-handed people. As for entering and exiting the scooter, it is easy with a seat that swivels 360 degrees and auto-slides.
  • Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters
  • If you enjoy getting out and about, our heavy-duty mobility scooters make it so that you can comfortably ride on different terrains and across wide distances. They feature anti-tip wheels so that riders can safely make it to any destination. The hazard lights, reflectors, and turn signals are powered by efficient, extra bright LED lighting that also contribute to a safe riding experience. The Sport Style Captain’s Seat is available in two different widths that both swivel and feature a reclining backrest and adjustable headrest.
Other Considerations
  • Ground Clearance
  • When looking for the mobility scooter that is right for your needs, consider where you’ll be using it most often. This will determine how much ground clearance you’ll need. If you frequent malls or areas with sidewalks, you can get by with a lighter travel or standard scooter that features a low ground clearance of around 1-1.5”. For access to more difficult terrains, such as a park or baseball diamond, you might want to consider vehicles capable of higher clearances. The Spitfire Scout DLX 3-Wheel Travel Scooter, for instance, is perfect for these environments because of its 2.5” height off the ground. Mobility scooters like the Classy 3 Wheel have a ground clearance of 5”, making it perfect for if you need to go off-road.
  • Turning Radius
  • Along with ground clearance, turning radius is another important factor you’ll want to consider. A four-wheel scooter requires a larger turning radius than a three-wheel scooter does. When turning corners for example, a three-wheel scooter will be able to make the turn more tightly.If you have a four-wheel scooter, you might have to make a three-point turn where you start the turn, reverse, and then continue when you have enough room.All of our different kinds of mobility scooters can come in either a three-wheel version or four-wheel version.
Customization Options
There are many different devices and add-ons available that will help you properly store and transport your things with you. Oxygen tank carriers, cane holders, cupholders, and carrying baskets are a few examples of options you can consider to improve your experience with your mobility scooter.