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Jameson Medical’s rollators and walkers are easy-to-use devices. Rollators and walkers assist patients who experience trouble with getting around on their own.

Rollators and walkers are incredibly useful to those who experience difficulty walking but are still able to stand upright with some support. They allow for a sense of independence, as their users are able to exercise their legs and upper body. They can also help patients experiencing partial paralysis, or those who wish to regain the ability to walk on their own after a debilitating injury.

Jameson Medical offers a wide variety of rollators and walkers. Here are some distinct differences between rollators and walkers, and how their unique traits can benefit certain groups of people.

Rollators are assistive walking devices that resemble traditional walkers. Although, they differ in that rollators have:
  • Four wheels, with one on each leg, to ease the walking process.
  • A seat that acts as a resting spot.
  • Hand-operated, locking brakes to maximize users’ safety.
  • Comfortable handlebars for users to grasp
Our rollators vary in wheel size, ranging from 6 to 8 inch caster wheels. Users are able to select which wheel size they want to have for their rollator. If you are going to be outdoors a lot, you will likely need a 7.5- to 8-inch wheel diameter. This will withstand rough terrain and uneven surfaces. Smaller wheels are available that will help you get around on flat surfaces and indoor areas.

One of our newest models is a rollator transport chair combo. This model is a rollator that can be converted easily to a transport chair. This popular choice benefits the user and caretakers who assist users in moving around.

When the device is used as a transport chair, it has dual locking flip-up armrests and a flip-down footrest to maximize the user’s comfort and safety. These features are easily folded up when the device requires use as a rollator.

Rollators are ideal for those who can walk steadily but may experience shortness of breath while doing so. Our rollators offer the balance and support you need to safely maneuver in your daily life.
Our standard walkers have two wheels, with one on each front leg, and handles with a comfortable grip. Walkers are rolled prior to walking forward. Because of this application, they will most benefit the following groups:
  • Elderly people who no longer find a cane helpful
  • Those who want to move unassisted within narrow spaces
  • Patients who can’t bear their full weight on their legs
Jameson Medical’s walkers have easy-to-use push buttons that allow you to adjust them to your height.

We carry folding walkers that come in a variety of colors to give you a walker with a contemporary look. Our folding walkers allow you to easily store and transport your assistive walking device when they are not in use.
Which is Right for You?
After evaluating your needs, contact us to invest in rollators and walkers that will get you walking with independence again.