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Vertical Lifts, Commercial, Residential, and Cargo Lifts.
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A vertical lift can be a lifesaver. It can help seniors who have trouble walking up steps. It ensures better mobility for wheelchair-bound individuals. These products will allow you to eliminate any barriers that are blocking your independence.

Sometimes, installing a ramp in the front of your home or business is not an option. It could be that the layout available doesn’t allow enough room or the environment isn’t cooperating. In either case, you need another solution.

Fortunately, porch wheelchair lifts are simple to install and much more compact than a ramp. At Jameson Medical, we have a wide selection of vertical lifts for you to choose from. We are confident that they will improve your mobility both inside and out.

How They Work
Our selection of vertical lifts at Jameson Medical are extremely safe and effective. All the user needs to do is simply wheel their chair onto the station. As the mechanism rises, there is a little ramp that will flip down that prevents the user from falling out of the chair. At the top of the station, where the user exits, there is a convenient electrical mechanical gate.

This gate will never open unless it has registered that the unit has made it to the top. That way, no one has to worry about someone falling through the gate if the unit itself was still at the bottom.
Where to Install
Vertical lifts are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. However, some spaces may need prepping for optimal installation. Our expert team can install your new vertical, portable, cargo, or incline lift in a secure manner. We will safely install it to ensure long life and optimal performance.

The installation site will need to be leveled on a concrete pad, and the unit itself can weigh anywhere from 600 lbs to 750 lbs. This easy transfer from your driveway to your porch or anywhere else is the perfect solution for your transportation needs.
What to Expect
Purchasing one of our lifts will get you:
  • Emergency stop switch located on the platform
  • A smooth, quiet ride
  • Convenient automatic folding ramp that self-lowers
  • Easily affordable power (AC in 6ft and 4ft units)
  • Reliable battery power in relevant models
Most of the time, the price of a wheelchair lift will be significantly less than the cost of a ramp installation. This is because for a ramp to rise, it needs 12 inches of length for every 1 inch of height. So, if you have a porch that is only 10” high, you would need a ramp that was at least 10’ long. Ramp building requires skilled labor – this is what makes that price tag go up.

The vertical lifts at Jameson Medical take up much less space than a ramp would. With proper prepping, we can install your lift in just a few hours. Contact our team today to get a quote for the full installation of your new vertical lift!