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The Rubex is for those who are looking for a basic (yet dependable) stair lift system.
This AC powered system, simply plugs into a standard wall outlet.
No special wiring or dedicated circuit required (draws only 6.5 amps - less energy than a vacuum cleaner!).
This model is a true workhorse and will provide years of dependable use.
It contains no circuit boards or batteries.
The unit comes with two call / send controls (you can call the chair to you or send it away from either end of the staircase)
and a large (easy to use) rocker switch on the end of the armrest.
Unit comes with a standard seat, all the hardware needed for installation, an instruction manual,
18' of power cord to reach outlets a bit further away, and Jameson Medical's unmatched 24/7 customer support.
The safety proven winch system is the same technology used in most elevators.
We feel the beauty of this system is the simplicity.
If you are looking for good, basic, dependable, and economic transportation, then look no further!
Call us today at 877-585-4042 to discuss if this model is right for your needs.
The price (starting at $1,295) includes FREE Shipping.
Please call to discuss your location and specific needs.

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