Ultra Light Full Electric Low Bed
Ultra Light Full Electric Low Bed
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Ultra Light 1000 Full-Electric Low Bed


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This Delta product offers all the comfort a patient needs as a full-electric bed. The frame is compatible with old and new models of bed ends from Delta, so you can update the look and feel of the bed as needed. Set-up is easy with color-coded springs, labels, and shipping in two light packages. The Ultra-light 1000 is a safety tested, flexible, and comfortable choice.


  • Compatible with other bed ends from Delta
  • Wood panels are scratch and break resistant 
  • Motor is self-contained to reduce noise and weight 
  • UL-approved motor 
  • 9-volt back-up battery in the event of power outage


  • Dimensions are 36” W x 88” L 
  • Frame weighs 169 pounds 
  • Weight capacity is 450 pounds 
  • Height Maximum with Casters is 24” 
  • Height minimum with casters is 21.5” 
  • Height maximum without casters is 12.75” 
  • Height minimum without casters is 12.75” 
  • Shipping weight is 182 pounds 
  • 5-year warranty on hand control and motor
  • Limited lifetime warranty on frames and welds 
  • 1-year warranty on other parts