Stair Chair-Lift
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Stair Chair-Lift
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Stair Lift with Flip-Up Arms $3,089 – Free Shipping

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There is so much to benefit from when using this stair lift. It is convenient, easy to install, and durable. Mounting directly onto the steps, this chair is used by plugging into a standard wall outlet. The backrest offers different settings maximizing comfort and the flip up arms make it easy to get in and out of the chair, or to load a laundry basket or suitcase on the seat.

Moreover, it holds up to 350 pounds, is AC powered, and comes with a generous 5-year warranty. The seat and the footrest fold up to save space. Finally, buyers will receive separate controls for both the top and bottom of the stairs. This is a model you won’t be disappointed with.


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  • Rocker controls to stop the chair immediately if control is released 
  • Instead of mounting to the wall, it attaches to either side of staircase
  • Operates by plugging into a standard 115V AC unit 
  • Foldable seat and footrest
  • No Circuit Board
  • No Batteries


  • Maximum weight of 350 pounds (159 kg) 
  • Dimensions: 19” W x 14” D x 14” H
  • Speed of 20 FPM and power of 24V AC 
  • Not to be used for outdoor use