Nautilus Stair Lift - GREASE FREE

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350 lb Maximum Capacity  - $3889
NEW - Lifetime Parts Warranty - Worm Gear Drive
Battery Powered - Free Shipping


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Nautilus Stair Lift uses a patented helix (worm gear) technology. 

This technology allows for less energy usage that any other stair lift system.
The unit also folds to just 10 1/2" from the wall (tightest in the industry!)
The Nautilus also features an optional folding hinged rail option to eliminate blocked hallways or doors at the bottom of your staircase.


*Installation does NOT include ANY Electrical Work or Staircase Modification.


****Grease free stair lift with lifetime warranty on Motor and Circuit Board****


(Installation NOT Available in CA, GA, or WA - you will need a local contractor)

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