Pro2 Oxygen Purity Monitor

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Oxygen PURITY Sensor.
Checks Purity Only!
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PROCheck® Ultrasonic Oxygen Indicator
Inspired by the circuit board based oxygen measurement system found inside most oxygen concentrators, the PRO2Check® oxygen purity indicator is perhaps the most reliable system on the market ... and at a very reasonable price. The PRO2  system uses ultrasound technology to accurately measure the speed of mere sound through various gas concentrations.  With this technology, there is no need to replace the costly galvanic fuel cells used in other systems. Teh device comes with a protective carrying case. The fingertip switches are "membrane style", which offers a low profile design without sharp edges to get snagged or inadvertently pushed. The protective case also has a clip to attach to your belt or lab coat pocket.  It also comes with an adjustable carrying strap for over the shoulder use. The standard 9 volt battery is pre-installed and the PRO is patient ready right out of the box! This unit comes with a 2-year warranty.

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