Pro2 Elite Oxygen Monitoring System

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3 Way Oxygen Tester
Purity, Flow, Pressure
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All Tests in One - a pocket size unit which delivers all three necessary validation checks
needed to assure correct oxygen concentrator performances.

• Oxygen as a percent of delivered gas
• Output (flow) pressure in PSIG or kPa
• Output (flow) rate measured in LPM


This hand held device is used to measure three vital parameters of your oxygen concentrator’s function . . . OXYGEN PERCENTAGE as delivered, FLOW RATE in LPM, BACKPRESSURE PSIG or kPa*. There is no galvonic fuel cell required ... only a 9 volt battery (included)  This device automatically adjusts for changes in temperature or elevation 

The PRO2 Elite® is a microprocessor driven device with logic designed to simply and accurately indicate delivery flow in LPM; pressure, in PSIG or kPa, as well as oxygen percentage WITHOUT the need for repeated calibrations. Oxygen analysis is performed using ultrasound, the same technology many concentrator manufacturers incorporate into their units. It is not affected by normal temperature or elevation changes and by using the microprocessor logic can be recalibrated in minutes with two buttons and a USP 99.9% oxygen source. A verification check can be done in 10 seconds with one button. There is no need for additional special test equipment. There is no fuel cell to replace. It operates on a standard 9-volt battery and automatically shuts off after (5) five minutes, plus utilizes a LCD liquid crystal display to prolong battery life. When a battery is reaching the end of usefulness a “LO BATT” read out will appear in the display window. No tools are required to replace the battery; simply slide the cover off exchange batteries and you are ready. Annual operational costs are one or possibly two 9-volt batteries, depending on usage.

It comes in a carrying case with a clear plastic face to protect the unit from spills. The switches are a new membrane style, which are a low profile design with no sharp edges to get caught or inadvertently triggered. The case also has a handy belt clip to attach to your belt or lab coat pocket and an adjustable carrying strap if you prefer putting it over-the-shoulder. The battery comes pre-installed and the PRO2 Elite® is ready to go right out of the box! The PROElite® has a 2-year warranty.

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