Respiratory Therapy

Professional and Residential Oxygen Concentrators and Accessories. Made in USA!
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Jameson Medical’s collection of respiratory therapy equipment is available for commercial or at-home use.
We stock oxygen concentrators, liter meters and devices to check the purity of oxygen equipment. We also provide nasal cannulas, extension tubing, and humidifier bottles to aid a patient’s breathing. All are ready to ship!
Contact us today to learn about respiratory therapy treatments we offer.

Oxygen Concentrators

We offer respiratory therapy concentrators for those with low blood oxygen levels. Oxygen concentrators differ from other oxygen delivery systems. These take in surrounding air, purify and compress it, to deliver oxygen-rich air to the patient. The patient doesn't have to rely on tanks that need refilling.
This method of oxygen delivery is simple and effective. The respiratory therapy concentrator allows users to have unlimited access to oxygen-rich air as long as they have a power source, whether it be an outlet or a battery.
We offer different types of respiratory therapy oxygen concentrators that will fit different users’ unique needs. Our concentrators have flow settings from 1-5. This ensures the patient is getting the amount of oxygen they need. Here are two of our most popular systems:

Inogen G3 System
This oxygen concentrator is lightweight, quiet, and portable. It can be transported to and from homes, stores, and cars. It can even be easily taken on flights! You won't compromise your range of travel and mobility won’t with the use of this system. It comes with:

  • A single battery with a 4.7-hour duration. This lets you have free-range of motion and oxygen access.
  • An AC and DC power supply for an outlet or charging station.
  • A carry bag for your convenience.
  • A 3-year warrantee if any problems arise.

Inogen G4 System
This oxygen concentrator is much like the G3 system described above. However it has other features for a patient looking for an enhanced experience. The G4 system is lighter (at only 2.8 pounds, compared with the G3 system’s 4.8 pounds) and has Bluetooth and mobile app capabilities.

Flow Meters

We offer various respiratory therapy products that allow you to check the flow of your oxygen. These devices, called flow meters, work on oxygen cylinders, concentrations, and other oxygen delivery systems. They can remain attached at all times.  

Purity Devices

We go one step further and give you the respiratory therapy products you need to check the purity of the oxygen you are receiving. These devices are pocket-sized and make you aware of the percent of oxygen as delivered gas. Our Pro2 Elite Oxygen Monitoring System is an all-inclusive testing system. It informs you of both the flow and the quality of your oxygen.