manual tilt table – professional
manual tilt table – professional
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Professional Manual Tilt Table (Medical)

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  • This tilt table requires 15 percent fewer turns than our previous units. 
  • Heavy duty bearings and gears will give years of dependable service.
  • Tilt Table when Hoizontal is 32″ high.
  • Includes a retractable adjustment handle.
  • Table tilts from a full vertical to a12 degree below horizontal position.
  • Easy clean Chrome plated frame.
  • Black vinyl is standard – other colors are available
    (No Quick Release)



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Professional Manual Tilt Table
Chrome Finish – Smooth Gears
$1.995   (plus shipping) 


Our Professional Grade manual tilt table will provide many years of outstanding reliability and service. This tilt table is manually adjusted from horizontal to vertical. Not for heart studies! (No Quick Release)