Power Wheelchairs

Rear Wheel Drive, Center Wheel Drive, Folding Power Wheelchair, H-D Power Wheelchairs, and Travel Power Wheelchairs to Fit You and Your Lifestyle Perfectly.
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Power wheelchairs allow patients with mobility issues a sense of independence. Patients suffering from physical illnesses, injuries, or long-term disabilities can benefit from power wheelchairs. They only require operating an automated system through hand controls.

Power wheelchairs are ideal for those with needs that power scooters will not meet. For example, power wheelchairs, unlike power scooters, are often covered by insurance. Additionally, they provide more structural support for those with shoulder and postural issues and are more protective overall.

To find the right power wheelchair for you, you might need help from a source you can trust. Contact us today to have any questions answered about power wheelchairs! We can discuss options and find the model that a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.


We make our power wheelchairs with patient safety and comfort in mind. Our power wheelchairs are customizable. We offer a variety of add-on options to enhance the riding experience. You’ll always have what you need.
Cane holders, oxygen tank holders, flag mounts, storage pouches, padded armrests, and other useful extensions can all be added to a chair for your convenience. Our chairs have on-board chargers that will ensure you always have enough power to get you where you need to go.
The seats of our power wheelchairs are able to turn up to 180 degrees, which offers a lot of freedom. For example, you can back your chair into a table and then turn your seat around, allowing you to be seated at a table without the front of your chair being in the way.

Three Types of Power Wheelchairs

We supply three basic types of power wheelchairs: standard, center wheel, and rear wheel drive power wheelchairs. The optimal power wheelchair for each patient varies depending on unique needs and circumstances.

Standard (Front Wheel Drive)
The drive system is located near the front of the seat in front wheel drive power wheelchairs. The chair’s caster wheels (smaller wheels located on rotating mounts) are located towards the back of the chair while the drive wheels are towards the front. This setup allows users to easily go over bumps and curbs up to 2 inches in height. This type of chair provides a smooth and balanced riding experience.

Center Wheel Drive
As the name indicates, these chairs have their drive system located near the middle of the seat. This design allows for a tight turning radius. This makes maneuvering in tight or crowded spaces, like apartments or shopping malls, easier and less stressful.

Rear Wheel Drive
These chairs keep their drive system located near the back of the seat. This feature allows for an ease of use at high driving speeds and decreases occurrences of overcorrection of steering.
Our rear wheel drive chairs, like the Cobalt X23 Power Wheelchair, are full-sized performance chairs that are easily assembled and can be freewheel operated.


Weight & Portability

Whatever your needs, we are prepared to meet them. We carry heavy-duty power wheelchairs for heavier weight loads. These chairs, like the Medalist 450 Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair, can support up to 450 pounds.
We also offer power wheelchairs with folding capacities, like the Cirrus Plus EC. Our folding chairs are made of a foldable and lightweight frame for easy portability. These types of chairs are ideal for the adventurous traveler who needs some help getting around. Our folding chairs can be easily stored in cars or planes to allow you easy storage and access to your wheelchair.