Patriot Pool Lift

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375 lb lifting capacity
Set Back - 8" to 14"
Free Shipping! - $6,999
*ADA Compliant 

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The Patriot Pool Lift  provides mobility and maneuverability for pool owners and patrons with reliability and quality built in.
The Patriot lift is designed with a hoisting capacity of 375lbs  for most pool configurations for water drafts up to 6″ deep.
The Patriot lift, when deployed and ready for use, features a specificaly designed seat allowing for the easiest lateral transfer from most wheelchairs, giving full freedom of access to the individual.
The New and Improved Patriot lift is now counter-weighted using a sand ballast.  (Optional Steel Weights Available)
(Sand can be sourced locally, saving substantial freight costs.)
Our FIXING KIT (included) secures the lift in place, allowing for FULL ADA COMPLIANCE.
The new AT design provides a more compact lift and also gives it additional set-back range, giving it the ability to accommodate more gutter variations.
The Patriot lift is independent third party verified to meet ADA standards and tested to meet CE requirements. 

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