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Chair Stair Lift
Stair Lift Measuring Guide
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Pony Express Stair Lift $2,889 – Free Shipping

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Introducing the Pony Express Light Weight, Grease Free Worm Drive stair lift.
For Residential Use ONLY  (Non- Commercial Use).

This stair lift is rated for 300 lbs
Perfect for the average home owner.
One year warranty.

If you order this stair lift “On-Line” you will be called for further specification

(i.e. stairlift orientation, stair case measurement, etc.)

… or you can simply give us a call –  (877) 585 4041 –  toll free


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300 lb Maximum Capacity  – $2889
Self Install or Fully Installed
Battery Powered Workhorse!
New – Grease Free Worm Drive – 1 Year Warranty



Stair Lift Track – Up to sixteen feet of travel
Stair Lift Weight Capacity – 300 lbs.

1 Year Warranty  

Pony Stair Lift, with a 250 lb capacity, mounts to steps (not wall), and is battery operated.  The Pony stairlift is our baseline and least expensive grease free worm drive stair lift.  The Pony stair lift comes with end caps that finish off the track and have charging strips imbedded in each so when the stair lift is parked at either end … it is getting charged.  If the power goes out, this stair lift will still operate.  Batteries and wall charger are included.  Some people refer to stair lifts as stair chairs or stair glides.  Whether you call it a stair lift, stairglide, stairlift, or stair chair … we’ve got a lift that will work for you.  There is no unsightly exposed greasy gear rack on this stairlift model.  This design picks up less dirt and debris. (Requiring less servicing and cleaning.)  The Pony is a good choice and a good value for your dollar.  Stair lifts are safe and reliable transportation.  Insurance companies, such as, Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross & Blue Shield will not pay for a stair lift.  It is not considered to be a medical device.  Sorry!