Over-The-Door Cervical Traction Kit

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Over the door Cervical Traction set uses water bag for adjustable counter-weight. Complete with head harness.
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May be used for the relief of neck pain associated with cervical disc herniation, spondylosis, osteoarthritis, cervical radiculopathy, neck strain, pinched nerve in upper spine with associated pain radiating down upper extremities, tension and/or tightness (muscle spasm) in muscles of the upper back, shoulders and neck, fibromyalgia, whiplash, insomnia and tension headaches associated with tension in the aforementioned musculature under the guide of your medical professional.

Traction Kit: Includes:

  • 10 feet of traction cord
  • 12" spreader
  • Two heavy-duty pulleys
  • Door bracket
  • 20lb water bag,
  • Deluxe head halter
  • One Size
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