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Modular Rubber Threshold Ramp


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Our modular SOLID rubber threshold ramps offer an easy ADA compliant approach to various transition points in and around your home. You can use your mobility devices easily and avoid any trip hazards. These ramps feature a 12:1 slope and are ideal for use with all types of mobility devices.  You will NEVER have to buy another one.  This SOLID rubber ramp will last a lifetime!!


  • Featuring a durable, non-slip rubber material
  • Can accommodate thresholds as high as 4″
  • ADA Compliant
  • This modular design allows you add ½” sections to the 1″ base to fit your needs
  • Featuring beveled sides that prevent a trip hazard and supply ingress/egress from the side


• Weight Capacity: 850lbs

• Usable Ramp Width: 36″