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JM52-90E Exam Table


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The JM52-90E exam table combines the strength and dependability of all-steel construction with the unmatched comfort and durability of a removable vacuum-formedUltra Comfort Seamless Top.  Designed to be easy to clean and to help prevent cross contamination.

Equipped with paper roll holder, Easy-glide comfort stirrups, all-steel slide-out foot step, and a fully articulating back section with gas spring assist,these exam tables are the perfect match for a busy exam room.  To further increase the versatility of this table, we also include a slide-out leg section with removable drip pan, and a removable upholstered leg section pad as standard equipment.

The JM52-90E exam table has a spacious storage area accessible through a large door that can be easily moved from one side of the table to the other with no tools required.  A convenient cover plate is supplied to cover the opening on the opposite side of the table from the door.  As with all other Signature Series exam tables, the 52-90E has a 500 pound (226.8kg) patient weight capacity and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.


  • Removable Medical GradeUltra Comfort Seamless Top
  • 8 upholstery and accent color options
  • Articulating back section with gas spring assist
  • One touch, Easy-glide comfort stirrups
  • Slide out leg section with removable upholstered leg rest
  • Removable plastic drip pan (9” x 9” / 22.9cm x 22.9cm)
  • Pull-out all steel non slip step (7” / 17.8cm high)
  • Paper roll holder
  • Side storage area with two large doors for easy access
  • 500 pound (226.8kg) patient weight capacity
  • Leveling glides
  • 5 year limited warranty


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The JM52-90E has a storage area accessible via a large door that is easily reversed from one side of the table to the other. 2 drawers & step stool at foot end of the exam table.  $1,489 Free Dock-to-Loading Dock Shipping!


  • Height:    31.8” (80.8cm)
  • Length:  58.5” –  77.5” (148.6cm – 196.9cm)
  • Width:   27” (68.6cm)
  • Stirrups: 3 lateral positions, infinitely adjustable over length of bar


Available Accessories:


  • 035 – Armboard assembly (contains one each 036, 038, 045)
  • 036 – Sliding bracket and lug (reversible)
  • 038 – Armboard (requires 036 sliding bracket and lug and 045 accessory rails)
  • 045 – Accessory rail pair (specify head section or seat section) factory installed
  • 251 – Bierhoff knee crutches (pair)
  • 350 – Pelvic tilt
  • 375 – Safety rails (pair) (requires 2 ea. 045 accessory rails)
  • 810 – Restraint straps (each strap requires 2 ea. 039 accessory rails – factory installed)
  • 820 – Drain pan, stainless steel, square (10.5” W x 10.5” L x 1.8” D)  (26.7cm W x      26.7cm L x 4.5cm D)
  • 822 – Stainless steel drain pan with spout
  • 9999 – T-cable for simultaneous use of both hand and foot controls