JM50-60E Exam Table
JM50-60E Exam Table
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JM50-60E Power Exam Table


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One of our most economical power exam tables, the JM50-60E Power Exam Table lowers to a height of 24 inches (61.0 cm) from the floor and can support a patient weighing up to 400 pounds (181.4kg).  The 50-60E utilizes a two function hand control for both hi-low and power back functions.  It can also be used as a chair in its fully upright position.

The 50-60E Power Exam Table features a painted steel leg section with a removable upholstered leg cushion.  The leg section elevates 10 degrees for added patient comfort.

As with all of our power tables and chairs, the 50-60E Power Exam Table utilizes the vacuum formed Ultra Comfort Seamless Top which provides security and comfort for patients, allows for easy cleaning and helps prevent cross-contamination.  Comes with a 3 year limited warranty.


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The 50-60E utilizes a two function hand control for both hi-low and power back functions.  Only $4,889 Free Dock-to-Loading Dock Shipping!


  • Height:  Min. 24” (61.0cm) at seat
  • Max. 36” (91.4cm) at seat
  • Width:  26.5” (67.3cm)
  • Length: 54.5” to 74” (138.4cm to 188cm)
  • Electrical: 120 VAC, 60 HZ
  • Stirrups: 3 lateral positions



Available Accessories:


  • 011 – Leg section booster pad
  • 035 – Armboard assembly (contains one each 036, 038, 039)
  • 036 – Sliding bracket and lug (reversible)
  • 038 – Armboard (requires 036 sliding bracket and lug and 039 accessory rails)
  • 039 – Accessory rails (factory installed only)
  • 062 – 2 function foot control
  • 143 – Easy-Glide locking casters (factory installed only)
  • 251 – Bierhoff knee crutches (pair)
  • 375 – Safety rails (pair) (requires 2 ea. 039 accessory rails)
  • 801 – T-cable for simultaneous use of both hand and foot controls
  • 810 – Restraint straps (each strap requires 2 ea. 039 accessory rails)
  • 822 – Stainless steel drain pan with spout