JM-63-95E Ultrasound Table
JM-6395E Exam Table
JM-6395E Exam Table With Echocardio Cutout
JM-6395E Exam Table Positions
JM-63-95E Ultrasound Table
JM-6395E Exam Table
JM-6395E Exam Table With Echocardio Cutout
JM-6395E Exam Table Positions
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JM-63-95E Ultrasound Table


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The JM-6395E, is a multi-purpose table designed for ultrasound procedures including proctology, urology, thyroid and OB/GYN (when stirrups are attached). The small size of the JM-6395E in the chair position makes it ideal in tight quarters. The JM-6395E is the first of its kind all-around mobile procedure table. The U-shape front frame assembly, along with the hideaway leg extension, make this table perfect for all OB/GYN, prostate and scanning procedures. The addition of the Drain Bag Hoop Assembly facilitates in urological procedures.

The motor-driven JM-6395E is manipulated by handheld remote control or foot controls. Three (3) precision Swiss made motors control height, Trendelenberg, and Fowler back positions. The unique telescopic sheet metal design encloses all motorized parts for the safety of both physician and patient. The table uses standard 110V AC 50/60 Hz.

Alterations can be made to meet International Specifications. Support construction is of Fiberesin and Velcro® for easy cleaning and the assurance of no warping. The Fiberesin used in our tables is certified to meet all requirements of radiation performance standards of 21 CFR Subchapter J.

Patients are secured with 2-inch hook and loop fastener restraining straps and optional swing down guard rail


Alternate JM-6395E Exam Tables

Due to the increasing popularity of our JM-6395E Multipurpose Examination Table, we have listened to what prior customers had to say regarding the tables’ functionality, durability, and quality. The only common issue expressed was the tables’ length and width. As a result, we have made 2 alternate versions of the table, a shorter version and a wider version.

The JM-6395E-S contains the same specifications and functionality of the original JM-6395E Table except that the seat section is 20” long as opposed to 28”. This version of the table is ideal for OB/GYN and Urology Procedures due to the condensed seat section, making it more accessible for the physician, and more comfortable for the patient.

The JM-6395E-W also contains the same Specifications of the original table, however, this on is wider. The seat section on this table is now 26” as opposed to 21.5” wide. This version can also be made shorter or kept at the original length. This table is ideal for any procedure, it is up to the discretion of the facility as to whether or not it is necessary.

In order to live up to the tables’ intention as being a Multipurpose Examination Table, we had to generalize specific items. Since our customers are our top priority, we have made the necessary changes in order to further meet there needs. Other modifications can be made upon request.

The JM-6395E Echocardiography Table has an optional 7 x 10-1⁄2 inch patient cutout for unobstructed access to the patient’s left thorax area.  It is also available in a Dual cut out. This table enables sonographers to quickly achieve an optimal imaging window, there by shortening exam tim


The JM-6395E is the first of its kind all-around mobile procedure table.  Starting at $8,995 with Free Dock-to-Loading Dock Shipping!


• Patient Capacity: 450 lbs.
• Retractable Foot Rest
• Standard 110V AC 50/60 Hz with battery back up system
• Table Size: 22”x 74”
• 2” Cushions
• Height Adjustability: 28-37 inches
• 5” Locking Casters
• Trendelenberg Positioning +/- 15 degrees
• Motorized Fowler Back 0-85 degrees
• Hand and Foot Controls Standard

Both height adjustability and Trendelenberg positioning are controlled via hand and foot control.


Upholstery: Available in standard sea foam, light blue, mauve, teal, black, forest green, dark grey, and medium grey.