Parallel Bars
Parallel Bars
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Hemiplegic Parallel Bars

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These Hemiplegic Parallel Bars are used to help patients who have suffered a stroke or anyone with strength and mobility only on one side of the body. The Hemiplegic Parallel Bars enable the user to walk with assistance or walk alone for as far and long as needed. These are also floor mounted and feature uninterrupted handrails, which make walking easier. The user can also adjust the height from 26in to 44in. The Hemiplegic Parallel Bars come in four different models of varying lengths. No matter the model, the product will always have an overall width of 19in. It’s what every patient needs when regaining the strength to move forward.


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Overall width of 19in

Height can adjust from 26in to 44in


  • Length 7in


  • Length 10in



  • Length 12in


  • Length 20in