Parallel Bars
Parallel Bars
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Cross Tie Parallel Bars

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These Cross Tie Parallel Bars are highly customizable, free standing parallel bars that are designed to easily meet every user’s needs. These bars come with removable foot boards, adjustable height, and they’re easily portable.

The device’s foot boards can be adjusted to allow for extra width and height at the base to accommodate users of all sizes. Users can also adjust the width and height of the bars to their comfort level.

Other features include independent quick locking width and height adjustments, uninterrupted 1.5in handrails, safety tread approach ramp, and lightweight abduction and divider boards.


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  • Abduction and divider boards
  • Cost of $2,000
  • Foot boards
  • Uninterrupted handrails
  • Safety Tread Ramp


  • Overall width 52in.
  • Height can adjust from 24in to 44in
  • Width can adjust from 17in to 26in


  • Walkway: 8in x 24in
  • Posts: Length of 10in
  • Divider Board: 6in x 9in
  • Abduction: 6in x 13in

  • Walkway: 10in x 24in
  • Posts: Length of 12in
  • Divider Board: 8in x 13in
  • Abduction: 8in x 13in


  • Walkway: 8in x 24in
  • Posts: Length of 14in
  • Divider Board: 10in x 9in
  • Abduction: 10in x 13in