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B49-4E Basic Exam Table

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The B49-4E Basic Exam Table is a standard piece of medical equipment that can be used in virtually all medical facilities. It comes with powder coated stirrups already build in. This gives patients an easy way to raise their legs and feet during lower body examinations.

The addition of stirrups makes this model ideal for women’s healthcare facilities. This multifunctional exam table also comes with a sliding door storage cabinet, one drawer, and a pass-through arm board. It comes in a variety of upholstery colors. The table can also be ordered with standard natural or dark walnut finishes, as well as any Sherwin Williams color.


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  • Available in Natural and Dark Walnut standard finishes
  • Optional finishes of any Sherwin Williams color
  • Free Shipping on all orders
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Ships fully assembled


  • 24″ W X 30″ H
  • 1″ thick vinyl upholstery in US 387 Camel standard
  • 3 position footrest 16″ long x 14″ wide
  • 7″ x 24″ arm board
  • 3 position head rest 14″ long