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B485 Exam Table


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This exam table allows you to adjust the height of both the lower and upper body. Its design minimizes the effects of gravity, so each adjustment is controlled and soft on every patient. This exam table simplifies reconditioning exercises. You’ll be able to move the patient’s knees upwards and gear their body towards increased flexibility while resting on this durable table.

This treatment option features a built in shelving unit with three shelves to enhance your storage options and make frequently used tools easily accessible. The vinyl padding is comfortable and comes in a standard dark blue color. There are several wood finishing options available to choose from, as well as the option for a customized wood finish!


  • Manual adjusting with plunger lock
  • 8 positions to use on plunger lock
  • Customizable wood finish options
  • Three level shelving unit
  • Options to customize shelving unit with drawers
  • Ships fully assembled


  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds
  • Top dimensions: 30” x 78”
  • Height: 30”