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B4301 Exam Table

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The B4301 Exam Table will feel at home in just about any medical office. It is one of the most popular exam table customized options. The hardware and pulls can be matched with other models. A 2″ thick top can be added and adjustable back and split leg tops as well. The standard dimensions are 30″ height, 30″ wide and 78″ long but other sizes are also available. It also comes with four full access doors in classic style fronts, plus a full width interior adjustable shelf. This model can be adjusted to suit any patient, of all heights and sizes.


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  • Available in Natural, Dark Walnut, or custom wood finishes
  • Four full access doors with the option for locks
  • Free Shipping on all orders
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Ships fully assembled


  • 30″H x 30″W x 78″L
  • 1″ thick vinyl upholstery in US 387 Camel standard