AL300 Scooter Lift Folded
AL300 Scooter Lift
AL300 Scooter Lift Folded
AL300 Scooter Lift
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AL300 Fusion Lift Scooter Lift $2,035 – Free Shipping


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The AL300 Fusion Lift is a model manufactured by Harmar that offers versatility and convenience. It’s capable of carrying both scooters and power chairs with one lift.

The AL300 Fusion’s lift power comes from its four Q’Straint retractors that are easy to operate and safely secures any small mobile vehicle. When there’s no scooter or chair on the platform, it automatically folds with one single flip of a switch.

This model features the trademark Stars-N-Stripes of the Harmar brand on its aluminum deck. The design commemorates Harmar’s pride of being an American company and dedication to the nation’s veterans.

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  • Made in the USA
  • Four Q’Straint retractors that are self-tensioning
  • Capable of carrying basically all power chairs and scooters 
  • Manual crank backup included
  • Swing-Away option available
  • No power chair or modifications
  • License plate mount included


  • This lift has a lifting capacity of 400lbs (181 kg)   
  • The lift has an aluminum deck that measures out to 27.5″ x 39″. 
  • It can carry a maximum scooter width of 27″ and wheelbase of 42″.
  • It has an installed weight of 82 lbs. 
  • With an adjustable cradle, it extends up to 46″.
  • It has a hitch class of II or III. 
  • Hitch height range is 5”-8”. 
  • 3-year transferable warranty.