AL010 Micro Outside Lift
AL010 Micro Outside Lift
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AL010 Micro Outside Lift $1,625 – Free Shipping


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The Micro Outside Lift is a compact, lightweight, and functional option for individuals on the market for a carrier. It transports virtually both scooters and power chairs. It uses its 4 secure ties down feature to hold the chair firmly in place and keep it secure.

This product has a wide platform with a power lift and manual fold feature that makes it easy to load and unload wheelchairs. Another benefit is that the AL010 Micro Outside does not require any scooter/chair modifications. Buyers will also enjoy a generous 3-year transferable warranty.


  • Carries and transports all 3 and 4-wheel power chairs/scooters 
  • 4 ties down feature keep chair secure and safe 
  • Power lift and manual fold 
  • No chair modifications necessary 
  • License plate mount included 
  • Manual crank backup included 
  • 3-year transferable warranty


  • Carries virtually all 3 and 4 wheel travel scooters and power chairs
  • Easy to use 4 secure tie-downs and rear wheel cradle
  • Scooter or chair modifications are NOT required
  • Power lift and manual fold
  • A Manual crank backup and license plate mount included
  • A Swing-Away option is available
  • Proudly Made in the USA