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Accessory Mat
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Accessory Mats


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Accessory mats are designed to provide an area for ample exercise for those who are going through physical therapy.

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  • These products are designed to fit onto Raised Rim Mat Tables. 
  • They come in some extra-large sizes for floor exercises. 
  • The accessory mats all are constructed with two handles on the longest side. The handles allow for easy lifting and hanging.
  • They’re equipped with a zipper for closure. 
  • The products come in a large range of colors from blue to red to yellow and all colors in between.


  • The B50 accessory mat measures out to be 3’ by 7′ by 2″.
  • The B51 comes in at 4′ by 7′ by 2″.
  • The B53 is designed with a center seam and measures out to be 5′ by 7′ by 2″.
  • The B54 also has a center seam design and comes in at 6′ by 8′ by 2″.